• The substrate for Freedom Gray® is DHP Copper suitable for roll-forming.
  • Both products are coated each side with Revere Copper Inc’s Z-T Alloy™ with a micro embossed finish.

Revere Copper Inc’s Terne Coated Copper (Freedom Gray®) is considered to have one of the most corrosion resistant architectural surfaces available today (Patented hot dipped Z-T Alloy™ coating).

Terne is the name commonly used to refer to Revere’s Z-T Alloy™ (Zinc/Tin) coating, which is applied to either an easily formed DHP Copper substrate. The minimum 13 micron Terne coating applied to both sides of the substrate creates a highly resistant barrier against corrosive environments. The Grey Terne finish weathers over time to a rich earth Grey patina similar to the finish historically achieved using Lead products.

This environmentally friendly Z-T Alloy™ coating was developed in the 1970’s to replace the popular Lead/Tin (Terne) coatings coatings used previously. The old Terne coatings were replaced due to health concerns over the Lead content.

During the advanced hot dipping process of Z-T Alloy™ coating an “inter-metallic zone is formed. This “blending” of the metals creates an unbreakable bond between alloy and substrate ensuring maximum corrosion protection with self healing properties.

  •  Superior corrosion resistance
  •  Extremely long service life, even in coastal environments
  •  Easily formed with standard machinery & tools
  •  Self healing surface protection
  •  Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  •  Easily soldered
  •  Low maintenance
  •  100% Recyclable