COPPER AND IT’S ALLOYS: Copper’s unique combination of beauty and usability, together with it’s excellent corrosion resistance have made it one of our most widely used industrial and architectural metals. The use of Copper is of such importance to our societies that it’s usage is often considered a key indicator of the health of various major economies. Copper’s is indispensable in most of our important industries. It carries most of our electricity and covers some of our most important structures. Copper is commonly alloyed with Zinc to make Brass and also with Tin to make Bronze. Please enquire with Ambro Metals Ltd to discuss the range of Copper and alloys that we can offer.

Copper & Alloys Range


COPPER AS A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION : Copper has excellent credentials as a sustainable solution. It offers an incredibly long service life and is 100% recyclable with a high residual value at it’s conclusion. Hardly any commonly used building material carries a higher financial incentive to recycle, which results in waste being avoided in every facet of it’s use. It is estimated that 80% of all of the Copper ever mined is still in use today.

Aesthetic Disclaimer


The oxidation process that gives Copper its characteristic brown / green patina is a result of exposure to the atmosphere in the location that it is installed. This process can vary due to the various pollutants that it may come into contact with. This patina eventually covers the surface and adheres tightly to it, thus providing a protective layer against further weathering. As this is a natural process dependent on the location of the Copper and the conditions that it is exposed to, Ambro Metals cannot be held responsible for the aesthetic appearance of Copper sheet once it is installed in the environment.